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Viral chopped bagel - but make it grain-free and gluten-free


Have you noticed the sheer amount of recipes gaining traction on the internet these days? It seems like every day there is some new viral trend that is making the rounds, everyone with their own spin on the recipes and technique. It can be extremely convenient, but it’s also difficult to sort through all the noise. Especially if you are on the hunt for something specific like healthy recipes that taste good. Or paleo friendly recipes using the best grain-free bagels, with flavorful ingredients to provide a filling and nutritious meal. Sound extremely specific? Well, as you might have surmised, we are going to be looking at a recipe today using our delicious bagels. Currently there are a bunch of “chopped bagel” recipes out there, and we wanted to provide our readers with one that is guaranteed to contribute to your health, and keep you full for longer.

We love a good easy, healthy recipe to start the day or provide a satisfying lunch. And this one ticks all the boxes: grain-free, gluten-free, and paleo friendly! It might be a simple recipe, but the flavors and textures are enough to impress anyone. Thanks to our bagels, you will get lots of fiber (9 grams per serving), and you will avoid that bloated feeling you get with gluten-heavy bread. And the addition of anchovies brings a variety of health benefits. They have many vitamins and minerals, but are probably best known for the omega-3 fatty acids which aid in brain and heart health. These little fish also have selenium, which may reduce the risk of some cancers. If you don't like anchovies, you can use any other canned fish you like. 

So chop up some lovely ingredients and smear them on our bagels! And you can be safe in the knowledge that this recipe is designed to benefit your overall well-being.


- 2 Plantiful Kitchen Bagels

- 3 Eggs, hard boiled

- 2 Scallions, cut into half inch pieces

- 3-4 tbsp Monty's Cream Cheese

- Spicy pickled peppers

- Half a can of Patagonia Provisions Anchovies, or other canned fish

- Chili crisp (we used Trader Joe’s, because it's made with Olive Oil)


  1. To make your hard boiled eggs, bring water to boil first. Add you eggs and set your timer to 10 mins. Once they’re done, submerge them in an ice bath to stop them cooking.

  2. Slice and toast your bagels to desired crispiness.

  3. Peel you eggs and cut them into quarters. Place all your ingredients including the cream cheese onto a cutting board and chop them up with a big knife until everything has the desired consistency. 

  4. Generously fill your bagels with the smear, and top with chili crisp for some added spice.