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Easy AF Fancy Whipped Ricotta Toast

Grain Free, Dairy Free Whipped Ricotta Toast

When it comes to toast, the options are literally unlimited, however I have a few requirements for mine. If its just for me, it must be: 

  • Gluten-Free
  • Easy and fast
  • plant based
  • Seed-Oil Free 

For the best toast you need the best bread. For this recipe both our Sesame or Everything Bagel loaves are perfect Our bread is moist, tender, fluffy, all the things that other gluten free breads are not. 

Toast your bread - if you need more info on how to get the perfect toasted bread with our bread, I did a blog post on this here

While your bread is toasting whip up your ricotta (I used Kite Hill) with some almond milk until it's smooth. You can do this in a food processor or blender. 

Once your ricotta is fluffy, fill it into a piping bag (a ziplock bag with one of the corners cut off works in a pinch). Now pipe your ricotta onto your bread in zig-zag motions. 

As for toppings - you can literally use anything you desire from berries, to citrus fruit, to grilled zucchini slices or tomatoes, but here I wanted to keep it super simple. I used a sprinkle of Jennifer Fisher Spicy salt, Beruna Truffle Seed Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper, a drizzle of raw Honey, a drizzle of Bona Fortuna Lemon Olive Oil and Then I grated some fresh lemon zest on top. 

This was so easy, really gut-friendly (no bloat later), very satisfying and ultra refreshing.