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How to make the viral Butter Candle Appetizer with our Grain Free Bread

With the holidays approaching, it’s always lovely to have new and exciting dishes for your loved ones to enjoy. If you like things festive, there is a new TikTok trend that has gone viral for a butter candle recipe, and we believe it’s the perfect appetizer before a homemade holiday feast.

Now, if you like to keep things healthy, you might be tempted to use a butter alternative. Disclaimer: We haven’t tested this with plant-based butter because it usually burns a lot faster. To keep this recipe from giving you the bloating blues, or the blood sugar spikes and crashes, we are using our loaf of everything bagel blend bread. Grain-free, packed with fiber and protein, vegan, and made from the best ingredients, our loaf will bring not only delicious flavor from the seasoning, but also some much needed nutrients to this delectable treat.

The soft, lush texture of our bread paired with the scent and luxurious flavors of the butter will be utterly irresistible. And bonus: it’s a gorgeous centerpiece for your holiday table. It’s such a unique way to elevate your bread and butter, and a great way to experiment with different herb combinations. We hope you enjoy playing around with this recipe and making it your own.



• 1/2 cup butter

• Favorite herbs (rosemary, roasted garlic, chives, etc.)

• 1 loaf Everything Bagel Blend Bread


• 5oz Paper cup

• Candle wick (beeswax is best, since it's non-toxic)

• Plastic wrap or tape (to hold wick in place)



1. Melt your butter and add your desired herbs like rosemary and garlic.

2. Pour the melted butter into a paper cup with the wick placed in the center. Use plastic wrap or tape to keep the wick held in place, and place in the freezer for an hour, or until the butter is solidified.

3. Using the same paper cup as a size guide, cut a hole in the middle of your Plantiful Kitchen loaf of Everything Bagel Blend Bread. For easy, pull-apart bread, slice the loaf vertically around the hole in the middle, leaving it intact at the bottom so the loaf stays together.

4. When your butter is ready, remove from the paper cup (might need to cut it off if it doesn’t slide out easily), and place in the hole in your loaf. Light the wick, and your butter should be ready for dipping in about 15 minutes. Serve and enjoy!