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Golden Flutterbread: Our Instagram Worthy Butterfly Pea Flower and Turmeric Loaf

This week I am happy to announce our newest product: Golden Flutterbread. This gorgeous new product was created through the collaborative efforts of Plantiful Kitchen and VeesHoney. Let’s tell you a bit about our partner before we dive into the details of our new bread. Vanessa Fitzgerald and her company perfectly align with our mission, and she has been an amazing friend and supporter of Plantiful Kitchen since 2021. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure. She is a Response Testing Practitioner, and she is the founder of Vee Hive Clinic and co-founder of Paya Health. Vanessa has helped thousands of people heal over the last decade through getting to the root causes of various ailments in the body. Through her years in practice, she developed a new modality to help her clients achieve optimal healing called Cellular Nutrition Therapy.

She has a private practice in Los Angeles where she offers both in-person and virtual appointments, evaluating clients for immune challenges, allergies, heavy metals, emotional blockages and more. She specializes in autoimmune disorders, anxiety and depression, gut imbalances, infertility, hormonal changes and more. Known to her clients as “the body clairvoyant,” Vanessa is the ultimate alternative to pharmaceuticals fostering medication-free, joyous living through diet, exercise, lifestyle, and supplement changes.

She was the perfect partner for our newest product, which we are very excited to tell you more about. Through the use of butterfly pea powder and turmeric, this exquisite bread boasts vibrant blue and yellow hues, and it tastes just as light and fresh as all of our other loaves. Imagine slicing into this bread, and revealing a stunningly colorful interior that resembles a sunny day and a clear sky.

Now what is butterfly pea powder? For those who have never heard of it, it’s made from the flowers of the butterfly pea plant and is known for its striking blue color. But its benefits are not just visual! It is only more recently that the healthy properties of this plant have been studied, and it has been found to contain tons of antioxidants. Researchers have linked it with numerous health benefits like improved cardiovascular health, a lower risk of cancer, weight management, supporting skin and nail health, and better blood sugar control. Studies even reveal that butterfly pea flower improves your cognitive function and reduces anxiety. So the butterfly pea flower powder benefits are extensive and amazing.

Turmeric on the other hand is renowned for its magnificent golden-yellow coloring and earthy flavor. This spice adds depth and warmth to our loaf, and it also offers amazing nutritional value. Turmeric contains a natural compound called curcumin, which has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. So anyone suffering from inflammatory conditions like arthritis or allergies would greatly benefit from the addition of turmeric in their diet. Turmeric benefits also include: better kidney health, lowering the risk of heart disease, reducing stress and anxiety, improving memory, helping with depression, assisting digestion, pain relief, supporting joint health, boosting immunity and more. Essentially, it contributes to your entire well-being.

As you can see, Golden Flutterbread is not just a feast for the eyes; it’s a wholesome choice with two amazing superfoods. And like all our bread here at Plantiful Kitchen, it is also grain-free. You can always count on our bakes to be delicious, gluten-free, and full of nutrients like fiber and protein. So it doesn’t matter if you will be crafting elegant tea sandwiches or indulging in some avocado toast for breakfast, this delectable bread will elevate every bite with nutrition, while also providing a stunning look. We asked our product collaborator what her favorite way to enjoy this bread might be, and Vanessa highly recommends spreading it with Monty’s cream cheese and topping with smoked salmon. Simple, but absolutely scrumptious. Join Plantiful Kitchen and VeesHoney by partaking in this delicious loaf. Order grain-free bread online today!