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How to toast our bread

Our bread is unarguably the best gluten free bread in the market, plus there are some other nice attributes. It's also sugar free, low-carb, high in fiber and protein and even keto friendly. And unlike all other gluten free breads in the market, our bread can be enjoyed straight from the bag without toasting, it doesn't crumble or dry out. But if you do toast it, it turns into a fluffy slice of heaven with a crispy outside - mouthwatering good. Today I wanted to share with you how you achieve the perfectly toasted slice of bread. 

You can start with either room temperature, refrigerated or frozen slices. I like cutting mine about 1/4 inch thickness.

Air fryer: You will achieve the absolute best result toasting our bread when you use an air fryer. If you place your bread into an air fryer at 390F for 8-11 minutes you will end up with perfectly-even golden slices of bread, that I have never been able to achieve in a toaster oven or on the stove. 

But now don't run to target, if you don't have an air fryer. I don't have one and I'm still super happy with the results I'm able to achieve. 

Toaster oven: I have a toaster oven at home and I usually set the setting as high as possible and then turn the toaster oven on. It suggests a time, but I already know that it won't be enough time. I know from toasting it many times, that it needs longer than that, so I increase my time to a total of 7 mins for 2 slices. 

While my bread is toasting I go and do something else, like a few morning stretches while a wait for my toast to be ready. 

I assume every toaster is a little different, but I would just make sure to take not of how long it takes in your toaster, so that you don't have to keep turning it on for more added time.

Pan fried: Sometimes when I feel a little extra, I make some pan fried bread. You can use butter for that, but I have also used oilve or avocado oil with great success. Put 1-2 tbsp of oil or butter into your pan and heat you pan on medium heat. Add your bread into your pan and fry for about 2-3 min each side until golden brown. 

Now you might wonder why our bread takes longer to toast than traditional bread. It's simply because we us almond as well as coconut flour and they need longer to toast than regular grain flours. 

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